WisePies Pizza Launches New Pasta Sauce Line

Albuquerque, New Mexico-based WiseChoice Foods, the parent company of WisePies Pizza and a certified minority-owned, female-led company, has launched a new pasta sauce line.

WisePies pasta sauce line

The new pasta sauce line is made in Albuquerque, is “New Mexico True” certified and includes three marinara sauces and one alfredo sauce, including:

  • Hatch Green Chile Alfredo Sauce;
  • Hatch Green Chile Roasted Red Bell Pepper Marinara Sauce;
  • Classic Roasted Red Bell Pepper Marinara Sauce; and
  • Spicy Roasted Red Bell Pepper Marinara Sauce.

“Developing these new pasta sauces was a labor of love for our team and a natural extension of our existing products,” said Season Chavez, president of WiseChoice Foods.

WisePies pasta sauce line

“We have a creative team at WiseChoice Foods that truly never stops brainstorming new opportunities. We’re focused on how to create production efficiencies and product cost management to ensure we can still deliver the highest-quality, authentic products at the lowest cost possible. These new pasta sauces are incredibly delicious, have a thicker consistency than the competition and are packed with flavors that will continue to reveal themselves to your taste buds as you experience them.”

To create the new marinara pasta sauces, the company started with the original roasted red bell pepper pizza sauce recipe, focusing on using natural ingredients like certified Hatch green chile, fresh onions and garlic and a 14 herb and seasoning blend combined with 100 percent olive oil.

Each sauce also features a label that has an engaging speech bubble that adds personality to the different flavors, a chile heat indicator and cooking instructions that will make you laugh a little. The new sauces will be available for purchase online beginning June 1 and at grocery stores across the country.