February 11, 2020
WisePies Pizza, A Smarter Way to Pizza, Partners with Durango School District and Others to Provide New All-Natural Pizza Line

Albuquerque, NM – February 11, 2020 – WiseChoice Foods LLC dba WisePies Pizza, a certified minority-owned and female operated company based in Albuquerque, NM, announced today the ongoing partnership with select southern Colorado BOCES Association school districts including Durango School District totaling 17 schools within the San Juan and San Luis Valley areas to supply their food & nutrition programs with the new, all-natural, 16” baked from frozen WisePies Pizza line featuring our signature crust for the current school year.

Krista Garand, Food Service Director with Durango Public Schools, tells us of her personal experience in her schools with WisePies Pizza. “This work is about finding the balance of healthy food items and pleasing ever changing palettes of students. Pizza is one of the favorite lunch items. By serving WisePies Pizza, we can be proud of the product we are serving and support a smaller, minority owned, female operated company. We like being able to share with families the increase in quality by serving a more natural product to their kids. The students like the flavor profile of WisePies pizza, and it remains our most popular lunch item.”

“WisePies Pizza is unique as a product line because of one very important consumer need… for the food we eat to be satisfying and delicious. We developed our all-natural pizzas to not only fulfill that need, but to be a smarter, healthier choice without it tasting healthier,” said Season Elliott, President, WiseChoice Foods. “We want the same classic Italian flavor profiles pizza lovers crave from traditional pizzas, but with smarter options. WisePies Pizza, A Smarter Way to Pizza, is the crossover pizza product line that connects the traditional premium pizza category to the natural foods category meeting the highest product standards and removing more than 150 unnatural and potentially harmful ingredients that can be found in other pizzas.”

“We recognized a unique opportunity in 2018 to develop a frozen pizza line with the highest-quality, natural ingredients featuring beloved proprietary recipes”, said Laura Lingad, Director of Operations, WiseChoice Foods. “After 18 months of careful research and development, we now have 34 products in our line-up with 5 of those that are now available in New Mexico. Based on our research and nutritional comparisons, we’ve developed the most delicious and highest quality, baked-from-frozen pizza that is available today.”

WiseChoice Foods is committed to food service, wholesale food providers and grocer retailers in their strategic goals to provide innovative and unique pizza products that support the consumer interest in healthier choices and drive incremental revenue for businesses. WisePies Pizza was developed surrounding shifting millennial purchasing decisions to natural, healthier choices that are both quality and quick to prepare, families who would like to have quick, easy and delicious meal options while still feeling good about what they eat, and for kids demanding food that tastes good to their immature taste buds and perceived as “what they want and choose to eat.”

In the pizza world, there is no shortage of selection, but there are far fewer choices that crossover the traditional pizza space into the natural foods space. WisePies delivers both by combining the flavor profile that pizza lovers crave with high-quality, healthy ingredients without tasting “healthy”.

WisePies Pizza Benefits include:

  1. Easily add a superior quality pizza to menu offerings and brand under your restaurant
  2. Zero waste, cooks to order in less than 3 minutes with a conveyor oven
  3. Minimal labor expense, no prep time
  4. Easy to bake with existing equipment in most kitchens
  5. Cooks incredibly fast – often in less than 3 minutes
  6. Opportunity to build a custom-topped pizza line for your menu with WisePies Pizza as the base
  7. Provide a delicious product with all-natural ingredients and free from more than 150 unnatural additives that could be harmful to our health
  8. Incredibly high quality and delicious pizza as baked-from-frozen
  9. Features less calories, fat and carbs than the leading competition
  10. Product maintains friction – prevents toppings from falling off and “pizza flop”
  11. Cheese pizza as a stock item provides a convenient and efficient base for customized pizza menus for restaurants, food trucks and event venues
  12. Reduce waste with up to 12-mo product shelf life with no artificial or added preservatives
  13. Easy to handle and serve in a concession atmosphere increases GCA

About WiseChoice Foods LLC dba WisePies Pizza:
WiseChoice Foods is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is the first and only frozen pizza company from New Mexico, and is certified minority owned since 2018 by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) Southwest Division.

In 2017, WiseChoice Foods began development on a revolutionary, all-natural pizza line designed to taste like traditional pizzas but with WiseChoices in mind. WisePies Pizzas are arguably the highest quality, baked from frozen pizza products available in the category and are designed for the pizza aficionado in all of us satisfying pizza lover taste buds with savory Italian flavors while keeping our health in mind. We are a smarter way to pizza without the dreaded “this tastes healthy” reaction.

WiseChoice Foods is committed to food service, wholesale food providers, grocer retailers and the consumer by providing innovative, unique, ready-to-bake pizza products that support current consumer trends surrounding healthier choices and remain committed to our all-natural product standards. WiseChoice Foods is actively manufacturing the WisePies Pizza line in bulk and for retail uses.