Gratitude. Passion. Growth.

“Having Gratitude for Every Opportunity and Unbridled Passion to Achieve Will Certainly Lead to Growth.” Season Elliott

These three words have lived on the white board in my office going on 4 years. These three words have guided the success plans for WiseChoice Foods in achieving strategic business goals. Have we won every battle? Certainly not; but in EVERY instance, we were grateful for the opportunity taking what we could from the outcome.


Every situation and opportunity that is approached from a place of gratitude instantly and positively transforms the energy of the moment. It transforms the nervousness you find deep in your belly before a big meeting or event and creates a calming effect to your personal vibe as well as to the event about to follow. Gratitude provides us with a sense of accomplishment for just having the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than we are, for having the chance to be in a meeting with someone we look up to, or for having the honor of working with someone new and experienced. Gratitude settles the spirit, opens the mind for strategic thought and puts us back in a place where we are open to learn and explore new prospects.

Gratitude can also reign in our most negative beliefs and emotions through the realization that the occasion itself was the prize, even if the outcome was not what you desired. Even more important, a reaction based in gratitude in the eye of defeat will set you apart from most and can redirect the course of your path to a positive direction you may not have foreseen.


The word passion bears such strength. In fact, its meaning is strong and barely controllable emotion. Can you image how unstoppable you could be if you approached your business and your goals with “unbridled passion”; an emotion so strong it is barely controllable?! From my experience, bearing your passion to others creates a contagious effect that motivates others to also be passionate about your goals. It creates an almost instant symbiotic relationship that gets others working and cheering for you in support of your success leading to shared accomplishments.


We all want it. We fight for it. I still wake up every day and pray for it. Growth can be a blessing and a curse all at the same time. If you get more growth than you can handle, you could fail spectacularly. If you get too little growth, failure is most assured. What I have found in following our mantra of “Gratitude. Passion. Growth.” is that “growth” tends to arrive at just the right moment. Professional and personal growth is no different than what we see in the flora of the world; growth and development happens in the presence of the right nutrients, sunlight and encouragement. Growth happens naturally and without force when the object of growth is nurtured.

When that opportunity knocks, the thrill of the moment often fills the soul with a sense of accomplishment. Cherish that moment. Take care to never make a decision based in fear of losing something; fear of that moment never coming again. Your success is contingent on you evaluating these opportunities, and there will be many, in a pragmatic way. Not every opportunity was meant to be accepted or even granted, but certainly appreciated.

Shine the light of your most gracious self during the best and the worst of situations. We use experiences as fuel for the passion we pour into the next opportunity knowing a chance for growth will manifest at the exact right time.