WisePies Pizza is seeking multi-unit (5+) development partners. To be considered, our franchise candidates will preferably meet the following criteria:

  • Experience in the fast -casual or QSR operations segment . Alternatively, you may designate an Operating Principal to fill this role. (This person should have at least 10% equity in the franchise or equivalent profit sharing).
  • Ability to build a solid team to complete tour development
  • Net worth of $750 thousand for single locations and $2 million for Multi-units development
  • Including all your partners, you should have a minimum liquidity of $150k (i.e. cash reserves) per restaurant to be developed.
  • You or your Operating Principal should have familiarity with the trade area that you plan to develop. -You, your Operating Principal and all of your partners must demonstrate the enthusiasm, drive and passion required to operate a WisePies Pizza restaurant to our high standards.


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