Starting in 2014, WisePies Pizza & Salad grew from single store in New Mexico with a dream and a vision of creating personal, gourmet pizzas, fresh custom salads and piping hot calzones in a faster than ever way. Add those creations to a fun, Italian family-inspired environment and WisePies Pizza & Salad was born.

WisePies offers a smarter way to pizza with WiseChoices for our health conscious guest including lower calories, whole-wheat and gluten-free options. Now, loyal WisePies Pizza fans can cook their own favorites at home and enjoy the same proprietary recipes and high-quality ingredients they have grown to love in our restaurants in less than 15 minutes, hot, fresh and straight to your dining room table.

We are supporting busy, modern families with quick, affordable options that not only meet the highest standards, but also keep each member of the family happy and healthy!

Want to know more about WisePies Pizza in the grocery store? We’d be happy to share with a member of the family! Tell us a little bit about you.

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