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Are you interested in scheduling a fundraiser night at your local WisePies Pizza & Salad? Would you like to be considered for a donation to your non-profit, organization or upcoming fundraiser? Tell us now!

The Mission of the WiseChoices Community Initiative is for WisePies Pizza & Salad restaurants to support organizations that provide food, clothing and shelter to the youth in our communities on a national level. By defining this initiative as a company-wide charitable mission, it allows for our individual Franchisees and General Managers to more readily identify the preferred charitable opportunities in their local communities that they can focus on whether it be a local food bank, a clothing bank or other local non-profits that are providing services to children and families that are in the most dire need. Through local sponsorships and events that directly support our local communities, WisePies Pizza & Salad makes a direct impact on our neighborhoods and families that need it most.


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